Dark Mountain Pack

Dark Mountain Pack

In the shadow of the mountain a pack rises to power
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PostSubject: "Skolg/Ski"   Thu Sep 21, 2017 12:37 am

Name: Skolg
Gender: Male
Size: 150, 5 foot 9,
Rank Wanted: Leader

Background: Found being a lost pup without a pack years prior. The pack simply believes that he just wondered off from his pack and ended there so they took him in. He was the only one who knew what actually happened but allowed them to search for his pack. Only Talon knows partly of what happened, but not all.

Personality: Skolg loves helping other wolves physically and emotionally. It makes him happy knowing he can help others. He mostly just does this to not feel the anger and pain inside. He hides his sadness and anger, but sometimes he can't. He just thinks to much of the night that he has violent outburst and attacks anything around him. Luckily, a special place was made just for this. He also doesn't trust anyone, besides Talon but only a tiny bit.
Fur color: Light Brown
Eye Color: Yellow-Green
Special Marks: Scar on belly from nearly being killed as baby. One patch of white fur near middle of body.
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