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In the shadow of the mountain a pack rises to power
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"I don't have memories,
So I'll make them."

(Image soon to come)

~Talon just laying around.~



Hawk, Tal,





~Talon when he was one and a half years old.~


Childhood/Family Life:
Talon has no memory of his childhood, or of his family.

Talon is extremely skilled in caring for others, both physically and mentally, he also has a vast knowledge of birds, and he is good at finding different ways to use seemingly useless things.

Being fully trained in healing practices, mentally and physically.

Not being able to remember where he came from.

Talon is embarrassed that he can't remember anything about his past,  He is also self conscious about his missing claw that will never grow back on his right paw and his bad back.

Short History:
Talon has no memory of where he came from, who his pack was, or anything else before the accident.  The last thing that Talon can remember is walking along the side of a mountain above a valley, there was a heavy down pour of rain, witch caused the path he was walking on to collapse.  On the way down he hit his head several times and was knocked out after the first impact.  When Talon woke up the valley that he had fallen into was beginning to flood, and he wasn't where he should be based off of where he had fallen.  Talon was saved by a wolf who lived in the mountains with his pack, this is where Talon stayed and learned all that he now knows about being a healer.

Full History  (Through the eyes of Talon):

Quick Notes, Before:Talon was one and a half during the time of the story, He lived with the pack of mountain wolves for a year, he learned everything he knows now from these wolves.


The side of my head really hurt, blinking a few times I was finally able to get my vision to clear up again.  It was night, the full moon shone brightly in the sky, only for a moment though.  A thick covering of clouds closed the gap that had allowed the moon's light to reach me.  I felt a drop of water on the tip of my nose, attempting to stand my vision blurred once again, and the world disappeared, replaced by the world of darkness, pulling me deep into it.

I awoke to the sound of running water, it was close too.  I could feel sprinkles of water hitting the top of my paws.  quickly opening my eyes I saw that I was less than a foot away from the water's edge.  Looking out I saw a vast lake, one that was not there before.  I was in a completely different area, far away from where I had passed out. Studying the steep mountain in front of me I quickly found where I had fallen.

“No wonder I fell, the path collapsed.  But how did I end up on the other side of the valley?”

Rising to my paws, only a little shaky at first.  I addressed my situation.  It had been raining the whole time I was out, and now the valley was flooded.  The rain had yet to cease, and now I could feel the water at my paws.  taking a panicked step back I felt my tail hit the back of the little cave that someone had placed me in while I was passed out.  I spun around, nothing, there was nowhere for me to go. I was going to drown if the water got any higher.  Peeking my head out into the onslaught of rain that was pouring heavily down, I looked for some sort of path that could get me away from the enlarging lake.  My best shot of getting out of this mess was where I had fallen.  It was not going to be easy to get over there.  The wind was starting to pick up creating waves that rose a few feet tall at their highest.  I had to try however, it was my only chance at survival.  I took a deep breath, the water now lapping at my back paws.  Letting out my breath, I quickly sucked some air back in and launched myself into the angry black water.

I wasn’t even a fourth of the way there and I could feel the water sloshing around in my lungs.  Rising to the surface once again I spat out a mouthful of water and didn’t even get the chance to breath before I was dragged back down.  I needed to breath, my vision was getting fuzzy at the ends.  If I passed out now, that would be the end of me I would never get to see the sun rise again.  There was something more though, I could feel it.  The world did not want to be rid of me yet.  And apparently I was right, a strong current caught me propelling me towards my desired destination.  It also pushed me way deeper under water then I had ever been before.  Working as hard as I could I kicked my legs, even using my tail to help.  I struggled towards the surface, vision starting to blur, I could feel my muscles getting weaker, head getting lighter, accidentally drawing a breath that only succeeded in filling the last of my lungs that didn’t already have water in them with water.  Maybe the world didn’t want me here, it just wanted to mess around with me a bit first, filling me with false hope.  I was going to die.  Putting everything I had into one final heave towards the surface, my vision became nearly nonexistent.  One more moment and I would be dead.  

I hit my head again, I couldn't be happier about it this time though.  I hit it on land, and it didn’t knock me out.  Coughing up a few mouthfuls of water I lay there relief washing over my body, I may be soaked and my fur may be all matted up, but I was alive.  I couldn't complain.  I felt water hit the tip of my tail.  There was no time to relax anymore.  The way up was muddy and steep, and I would rather deal with that over the malicious black water any day.  Rising to my now cut up and sore paws I began the slow process of ascending the side of the mountain.  By the time I had reached the top where the path I was originally following had collapsed I was more mud than anything.  Shaking off as much as I could I began following the path once more.  The water was around four feet below where I was walking.  If water could have emotions, It’d be pissed.  The more the waves smashed up against the side of the path the more of the path that broke away.  There was barely enough room for me to walk anymore.  Looking up the side of the path the mountain seemed to cut abruptly off towards the top, as if it was completely flat up there.  Tilting my head in curiousity I inspected the top a little more, a intense flash of light lit up a sizable silhouette of another wolf.  

“I’m seeing things!”  I muttered.

Curiosity got the best of me though, it always did.  A quick look back down at the flooded valley, I turned and began making my way up the side of the mountain again.  I was a foot away from the top when the ground underneath me gave way and I found myself struggling to maintain position.  A hurt cry escaped my jaws when a claw of mine got caught on a rock and tore it completely off of my right paw.  Another attempt to get my paws higher up brought even more pain, I tweaked my back and I fell on my side and began sliding down the mountain again.  I reached a paw out trying to stand again, only for it to smack the tip of my lost claw, pulling back in pain the claw ran itself through my pad splitting it wide open allowing deep shiny red blood to begin gushing out.  It took only a few moments for the whole right side of my body to be soaked in blood.  I did my best to protect my eyes as yet another blinding flash of light went off in the dark night sky.  There must be a tree up there somewhere, because the sound of splitting wood and the cry of a hawk cut clearly through the sound of the wind and rain.  The sound of thunder came immediately after, I shot my ears back pressing them against the back of my head, trying my best to defend myself from the deafening rumble of the thunder.

I apparently wasn’t done getting hurt yet though, some of the edge that I had been trying to climb up came loose and fell on top of me.  A sharp rock managed to tear up my right ear pretty good.  With a terrified yelp I began to slide down even further.  I closed my eyes and accepted I was never going to get to the top of this mountain.  Just as I did though, I felt a sharp pain on the scruff of my neck as a pair of muscular jaws closed around me and began pulling me up.  I didn’t know what to do, so I just let it happen.  Once on solid ground again I opened my eyes and lifted my head.  It was flat up here, my eyes stopped on a smoking split in half tree.  There was two things left of the hawk that had been in the tree when the lightning had struck.  A feather, and one of it’s Talons.  

The large wolf beside me cleared his throat, I snapped my head around to face him.  There was a stern look on his face as he spit out the mud and blood that had gotten in his mouth from lifting me up.  


The wolf demanded.

“Uuhhh?  I-I, can’t remember.”

I tried to think back, but the last thing I could remember was waking up after falling off the path.  The larger wolf seemed to be amused at this.  

“Ya hit your head a little harder than I thought you did.”

The mysterious wolf chuckled.  

“So you really don’t remember anything, eh?”

A more serious look took over his face once again, as he shook some of the rainwater out of his fur.  Sitting down he took a deep breath and said.

“You have no name, and you no longer know of your past, you can be anything you want to be, anyone you want to be, so pick a name, and begin life again.  So, what shall I call you?”

Standing shakily to my paws I turned towards the destroyed tree, a few steps brought me to the base of the tree where the feather and talon were resting.  I picked them both up and carried them to the other wolf, dropping them at his paws I took a step back and looked up to the raining sky, took a deep breath and looked back down to the other wolf.

“Call me, Talon.”

And with that the other wolf picked up the feather and placed it in my fur behind my torn ear, and I placed the hawk’s talon in the hole that was where my claw used to be.  Glancing behind the Massive wolf in front of me I noticed a cave entrance off in the distance.  The other wolf saw that I had noticed the distant cave, a smile spread across his face as he turned and began walking towards the cave.

“Follow me.”

Quick Notes, After:  Talon lost the feather when he was caught in a blizzard a few months later, and he lost his talon in the side of a bear when it attacked him while he was restocking on materials.


Even though Talon has trouble remembering a lot of things he can never forget his training as a healer or his knowledge of birds.  He is also fiercely loyal to his friends and his pack mates and will not hesitate to do anything he can to help them.  Talon is also loving, compassionate, humble, and never gives up.

Talon is missing a claw on his right paw, his back is also injured witch can make it difficult for him to run sometimes, and on rare days he can't walk without help but he won't admit that his back is hurt and will most likely refuse to accept help from others.  He can also be extremely forgetful.

Personality Type:
Talon is either laid back, or super talkative, he can however get grumpy if you try to help him when he doesn't want help.

Humming tunes and anything with a rhythmic beat.

Cold weather, being called a cripple on the days that he has trouble with things

Talon dreams of one day remembering where he came from, as well as finding another hawk feather and talon

Storms of any kind snow rain anything can make him tremble, Talon also would never go into a place that can easily flood if it even looks like it's going to rain.  He is also scared of hurting his back so much that he can never walk again.




No mate





Combat style:
Talon is patient, always waits for the opponent to make the first move, then he makes a quick dodge and strikes them where they are open.  It's not the quickest, or most productive fighting style, but Talon makes it work as best as he can.

Physical Strengths:
Talon has a strong jaw, and powerful legs his back injury however prevents him from using his legs to their full potential.

Physical Weaknesses:
Talon's back prevents him from doing a lot of things, it didn't bother him when he was first injured, but over time it has gotten progressively worse.


Talon is slightly smaller that the average wolf his age.  But just as strong, if we don't count his injuries.

Fur Color:
Mostly a butterscotch color with dark brown markings and some cream colored accents

Eye Color:
Chestnut Brown

Distinguishing Marks:
Talon is missing a claw on his right front paw, and has a somewhat small hole at the base of his ear

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Holy Crap thats a lot. I like how you used Talon's story from what you showed me last year!
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